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The most distinctive vocalists in Rock?

Which vocalists do you instantly recognise because they just sound like no-one else in the world? People who's voices give you that shivery feeling (you know the one) when you suddenly hear them on the radio. It's more noticeable if you're not expecting to hear them, rather than playing their CDs of your own accord.

I've come up with a few of my favourites singers, who I happen to think sound have a TOTALLY unique and original style...

1. Tom Waits (absolutely unmistakable)
2. Stevie Wonder (much-imitated but no one gets close - not even the guy from Jamiroquai)
3. John Lennon
4. Joni Mitchell (particularly late-period)
5. Bob Dylan
6. Elton John
7. Michael Stipe
8. Van Morrison
9. Barry Gibb
10. James Taylor (not changed much in 30 years)

Any other suggestions?
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