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Passion (Why Why Cry)

I trusted you
I lusted after something dangerous
A stranger just waiting to take down my name
You raged in my blood
From the 1st time I kissed him
A poison I had to get out of my system

Why, why cry?
A fool can see you're just another guy.

Why is it always competition?
"Look what I can get!"
Rub me in your best friend's face
And he's your best friend yet
Dirty little schoolboys like to gloat behind the shed
Your best friend called me yesterday
With everything you said

So Why, why cry?
When I can see you're just another guy.

Suckin sour grapes
Just eat them!
Break'em down
Cos you can't beat them!

2nd Chorus Repeats

And it's all very well to cry now(

I think I will accept that challenge, cydsongs.Wink
I hope the Enz/PJ quote at the end justifies my continuing this here. Otherwise please tell me and I'll jump it to All I Ask
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