Reply to "The beginnings of a new song?"

Not a psychic, but a novice mystic. What do you know about Carl Jung? I read randomly he experienced the concept of synchronicity quite a lot in his time, which was before the advent of satellites, mass communication & mobile phones. Dare I say, the stuff I read about him predicated the concept of George Orwell's 1984 & Big Brother, which spawned of classic postmodern films such as Jim Carey's The Truman Show.

I'll give you a rough example. Carl Jung met in a European city he had not been to before, a colleague he met half a lifetime earlier...was it random chance, chaos theory, pure meaningless co-incidence? That my frenz I believe is the master debate that we, as a human species must sink our intellectual teeth into. Rock on parapsychology!

Big waves rock the boat
Pull myself into the mystic
Singer's gonna find a note
Real enough to make a difference so
Tell Me C'mon
Lead me to the stage
Make a big idea wanna leap of the page
Help me work it out
We're the only ones who knows
What the words are about
A storm's about to break
Here is something real you can hold onto

Finn Brothers 2005
    All times London, UK.

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