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That Kenmore Quality

I have a Kenmore washer and dryer that are 21 1/2 years old. I wanted to take them out clubbing to celebrate. My sister suggested instead pouring some margarita mix, tequila and ice into the washer tub. You may know that Sears' Kenmore appliances are manufactured by Whirlpool, and that they don't add any fancy features to the Kenmore line until they demonstrate dependability. I refuse to set foot in Sears for anything else but I love that Kenmore quality.

Oh, except the pump on the washer is dead and it won't drain. Did you know you can schedule a repair with Sears and even be subjected to YET ANOTHER sales pitch for a "maintenance contract" without ever speaking to a human?

Here's the Sears' deal and it's not that bad:

- Those maintenance contracts and that peace of mind they push? Kenmore appliances are so dependable that they will never need the repairs you've paid for in advance. It's like that's how they make money! Skip 'em and enjoy years of worry-free operation.

- Once you get a repair estimate, they'll knock the cost of the home call off a new set.
So you're not out if you decide to go for replacement.
- Well, if you actually go for repair and not replacement, you get some nonsense. When the dryer malfunctioned 4 years ago, Sears made a second call to my house (after I decided to go with repair instead of replacement). He didn't have the part needed. He informed me, "just because we already came out and diagnosed the problem and you agreed to pay for repairs and we came back out to perform them, that doesn't mean that somebody places an order to stock the truck with the part you need before we come out to you." Uh, OK.

So it took 2 weeks, but I didn't pay for the wasted call, and they fixed the dryer for like $200 and it's still going strong.

I have to wait a week for the washer service call, but entropy notwithstanding, I'm more confident this proven, mechanically operated (no fancy digital - Please!) pair have got some life in 'em yet.

OK, I'll just admit I'm sentimentally attached to them (leaving the Laundromat behind forever, what heaven!!) (And I'll have you know, I washed cloth diapers. To me, it was just easier to keep babies in fluffy fresh cotton than spend a fortune on what turns into bulky garbage. And you won't convince me that children who have to contend with damp butts aren't easier to potty-train than the "keeps wetness away from baby - What-who-Me-Urine-Soaked?"-super-soaker disposable wearers) If your child's diaper is wet, change it! for God's sake. It's not a contest to see how many pints of liquid trapped in gel Baby can drag around.

With such history, I feel strongly that my washer can be repaired and continue to function more dependably than even a Kenmore replacement.

Here's hoping mechanics triumph over planned obsolence and my proven pair can keep on churnin' out that fluffy clean laundry that says, "I love you!" to my dear ones!!!!
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