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Reply to "Tell me about【Crowded House】:)"

Hi Kita,

Welcome to the forum, 

All frenz are welcome here, no matter how new.

I know what you mean by Neil's songs making you shiver, we've all been there when the music speaks. 

However, that song wasn't the one that first had that effect on me, in fact DDIO, although now a big radio hit in the UK, wasn't originally a  very successful song over here.  I grew to love Finn music during the later Woodface era (the 1990's) and the first song to cause a shiver was Fall at your feet, I find the intensity in that song  can create a physical response.

Other songs that have that strong of effect on me include: Love you til the day I die, Into Temptation, I feel Possessed and When you come.  Interestingly,  I believe the video for When you come was filmed in Japan .

Have you heard any Split Enz music?   The first Finn songs I heard were 6 months in a leaky boat and I got you, but I fell in love with Crowded House the first time  I saw them play live.  Playing live they are totally magical.

I'm sure if  trawl through threads on this forum you'll find lots of thoughts on Finn lyrics and the meaning of songs, we are lucky as Finn fans because both the music and the lyrics are top quality. 

One suggestion about Distant Sun is that it's an analogy of  the cosmic interaction between Frenz and the band.  Unlike a lot of bands,  CH gigs have always involved a lot of audience participation with hecklers, requests etc.  Neil love to talk to and sing with the Frenz.    But lyrics can have different meanings to different Frenz.  Neil doesn't always pin down his song meanings.

I don't know how much you know about CH and Finn music - I hope my reply has been pitched correctly,  as Neil says "tell me all the thing you would change, I don't pretend to know what you want..."



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