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Originally posted by athenazilla:
[qb] Incidentally, when you see a particular animal and it really strikes you, that animal medicine is relevant in your life at the moment. Of course I live in a place where wild animals are a fact of life (the bears are back! I hope they stay out of the garbage this year!) so I think this takes on more relevance in day to day life, but I think seeing a picture of an animal can be just as relevant. [/qb]
How about if you see an animal in a dream? Last night I was watching some channel where zoo keepers were bottle feeding baby tigers. One of them was a white tiger (a Bengal, is that what they call them?)
This must have really effected me because last night I had a dream I was in a courtyard full of full-grown white tigers all laying on mats. I was walking amongst them, marveling at their beauty and even petting some of them - I was not afraid of them at all.
There was a building on the edge of the courtyard and I walked in and onto a screened in porch. Just as I walked in I noticed one of the tigers walked up to the window and looked into the porch and was looking at something. I turned around and noticed that a tiger was walking out of the front door of the house and onto the porch. For some reason I was afraid of this tiger and I couldn't see it's face.
The door of the house was open, and as the tiger walked out the door, it walked behind it. All of a sudden I had another door or a fence or something in my hand and I was able to hem the tiger in-between the fence and the door. Just then, my alarm clock went off and I woke up.
I wonder what would have happened? Eeker
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