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Originally posted by Jaffaman:
This VHS release is the real deal. To quote myself from
Split Enz was the first Australasian band to release a full-length home video cassette. “Split Enz Live In Concert” was videotaped in January 1980. The rare Enz song Outer Mongolia was performed but wasn’t included on the video. The Beta and VHS videos are next to impossible to find nowadays.

It is listed in the club Discography. The original price for it was $80.00.And something about one copy being buried in a time capsule in Canberra.

It also comes in a black cardboard cover. Recorded at CH 7 studios in Melbourne
Well it’s the same show as the club ENZ DVD that went out in DEC last year only the club one had an extra song .

Is the black cover a rarer one?
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