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Reply to "Split Enz New Zealand Tour 2008."

Originally posted by hk:
It's 11.30 in New Zealand at the moment (9.30am Melbourne), Charlie's mum. So half an hour to go.

LOL I was just going to say that, what with daylight saving. Smiler

Pre-sales is out for me, cut up the credit card. Confused Mad
Think general sales will work for me, guess you can still pick your seat and match with the plan to see how far away it is even with pre-sales.

Ticketek quotes $93. plus booking fee, but as i understand it the Tickeek pre-sales does go through Frontier Touring any ho.

10 mins till the password.

2 hours 10 mins to go to buy, good luck pre-sales buyers, let us know what kind of seats you get.
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