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Reply to "Split Enz DVD thoughts"

Go Lozza! (-: Think Mushroom should hire you to do the PR on the DVD!!!!! So happy you guys like this.
Really nice to have a Post from Di (DJ). Dianne played such a major part on both our DVD projects (Enz & Skyhooks) and I truely don't think they would of become what they are without her (and her teams) major efforts.
Plus I know she totally enjoyed climbing into all those boxes of bits and pieces from film to "fotos". Plus she became a good mate and we hope to work together on other stuff in the future.
I still remember saying "please remove that shot of Neil Finn in that bad jumper" off the menu area (: (and she did-PHEW!)....I think it would of meant my job if that one went up!!!!
Still waiting on Mushroom Australia to get back to us with sales figures (Mushroom NZ were so quick) so I haven't a clue how we are going as far as sales. The Enz DVD is viewed as a catalogue "long term" piece and we are sure Mushroom will get their $ back. My main goal is to keep the DVD in the stores and available for as longa s possible. I'd hate for the record company to sell a run or two and not have it available later on.That happened with our Enz True Colours Video and a year after release was so hard to find, and of course 1981 was the year that people in Australia started buying yes it could pay to stock up on a copy or two.
Anyway all good, and nice to see a Post from DJ. Holidays is great, away till Jan 22nd !!
Lunch when i return.
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