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Reply to "Split Enz DVD thoughts"

Well I'm a little stunned... as a DVD producer I don't usually get much feedback from punters about the stuff I produce so I thought I'd check out this site and see if u guys liked the Enz DVD. I'm a very happy gal.

This DVD took years off my life... literally... but was worth it. I was a huge Enz fan and fell off my chair when FMR suggested we do this title...hmmm imagine getting paid to sift through boxes of pictures, posters, tapes and scrunched up bits of film, and work out what to put on DVD?

Thanks so much for all your positive comments, much appreciated believe me. As for the person who said our menu designs were better than LOTR - big hugs to you. Will pass on to the designer. those menus were a big risk but we figured, hey it's a crazy band lets have crazy menus... glad you liked them.

To answer a question that has come up: no we didn't make Late Last Night sepia. we did a colour grade on all the video clips (mainly to restore contrast and saturation, and reduce video 'noise') but that one was already sepia in places. in some cases i had a few different versions of clips to choose from but the differences were purely technical (i.e. shall we have the one with the banding and streaks across the screen or the one with the spots and the blue line down the side???!!)- all broadcast versions of LLN I saw had the sepia touch i'm afraid.

yes we would all have loved more 'stuff' and personally i would have liked to do more restoration on the live and doco sections - pix and audio quality - but hey we did the best we could with what we had at the time... thank god for the cupboard under PG's stairs Smiler some people have harry potter under there, PG has old cans of rusty film with 'I See Red' on it!
cheers pete hope your holiday was good..

PS- some of you are scary. although having produced Wiggles DVD's, I can tell you their (adult, female!) fans are scarier. check out their message board sometime..
    All times London, UK.

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