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Reply to "Split Enz DVD thoughts"

yes I love the track suit/exercise stuff,,classic footage, and because itw as on Spellbound as you said we didnt use it as an Egg but its the perfect stuff for that.
John agree the other way the tv stations can make money is that, the footage IS licensed per we currently have paid for it for Aust/ if the Enz DVd ever had a USA release the ABC etc would get money again, same for a European release etc.....between you me and the gatepost we Zone Free it so that fans in some areas could obtain it (UK etc)....but really if they were far fairer with the tv prices we could of made a better product and even had more footage.
I love of loved ALL of Site & Sound for example
but even what we got killed us $$ wise. I took a cut on the extras for my Fee (wavered them) just because I knew it would help with the odd extra cost. So it does pay to own your own footage.
I just want this first run to sell out , so we can head to the break even point, have that behind us and hope that one day a second Enz DVD will be released.....I think I will have to buy a few more copies for Xmas presents for people
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