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Reply to "Split Enz DVD thoughts"

Yes - very sad that the ABC have thrown away large amounts of timeless history, but they'd still have the VHS versions, right?
Oh, sorry, I couldn't help but laugh at that Smiler In a perfect world maybe. The BBC are even worse, the gaps in their archives are enormous. When you think of classic programmes like The Goon Show (radio), Doctor Who, Till Death Us Do Part, The Avengers, Not Only But Also, The Goodies, Dad's Army, Top Of The Pops etc.. are all very incomplete in their archives (most are missing for good) is it any surprise to learn that our own ABC isn't any better? For old material and B&W material, there was no need to keep it. No domestic VCRs, the BBC rarely repeat anything (unlike the ABC), and colour becoming the norm in 1970 meant that too much space was being taken up by old programmes. Solution: burn them. With Doctor WHo, the only B&W material that survives is whatever was telerecorded for overseas sales (which means transferred to 16mm B&W film) and survived or was missed by the junking orders. Very sad, as the junking at the BBC wound down in 1978, just as the domestic VCR took off, and the BBC realised what they's done, destroyed a huge ammount of their archive that could have been exploited for the domestic market.

Not Only But Also (famous sketch comedy programme by Peter Cook and Dudley Moore) is even wrose, out of three series, only about 4 or 5 complete programmes still exist, and these only survive as poor telerecordings because the director wanted a copy in the early seventies.

I was amazed that the BBC still have sight and sound, it's a fairly unknown New Zealand band from 1977 (let's be realistic here), so thank God that slipped the junking net.

Peter, on my copy of Sight and SOund Bold as Brass is a B&W Telerecording with considerable damage to the print, is this the only copy surviving, or do the BBC have a complete colour VT copy?

We should really be thankful that anything still exists for Split Enz, and that Peter has managed to get VHS copies of a lot that is long gone.

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