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Reply to "Songs That Make You Cry"

Originally posted by suenotsusan:
[qb] Oh yeah, another "you're gonna think I'm nuts" entry...

The Star Spangled Banner. Sung really well it never fails. Sung any other way the tears are from pain. Horrible song.

Oh, and Taps.

Ray Charles has a way, too... He can really make me cry when he sings a sad song. [/qb]
Well I'm glad I'm not alone in that.. Smiler

I thought of another one today as I was driving/listening on my way to work. I suppose this will get a spin if I ever get married. Of course I'm not holding my breath. Roll Eyes

That For Me Is You - Jim Boggia

What's it like
when all your dreams come true?
When your life
is given something new
and you begin to live the way you've always wanted to?

That, for me, is you.

How did I
become the lucky one?
Now - my time;
our moment in the sun
and all because the faith you gave me
finally pulled me through.

That, for me . . .

You - a cloud, a fantasy,
a perfect chord, a reverie.
All the gifts of life
I see in you.

And now I look upon my life
and can't believe the view.

That, for me -
so much more than I imagined
it could be.

That, for me, is you.
    All times London, UK.

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