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Reply to "Songs That Make You Cry"

OK, being pregnant, I've got the ole hormonal water faucet going a whole lot these days. Wink Earlier tonight, I heard Sting's "They Dance Alone" and totally lost it because I remembered what he did at LiveAid in 1985...he performed the song with about 150 of the actual women dancing onstage behind him, with large cardboard photographs of their dead...and Sting did not leave the stage until he had personally danced with every single one of the women. Even remembering that story got me all verklempt.

For awhile after 9/11 I couldn't even listen to "Turn and Run" anymore, and now while I don't cry anymore, I still get chills.

I first listened to George Harrison's posthumous solo album, "Brainwashed" on the first anniversary of his death and bawled my eyes out during "The Rising Sun" because it had all the elements of wisdom, and remnants of the Beatles, and cleverness, and the wistful truth that he was recording something final to say to the world which would be heard after he'd gone, all in that one song.

John Lennon's "Imagine" gets me every time, both because of how the guy lived, and because of how he died. Such an example, such a waste.

"No One Is Watching You Now" by 'Til Tuesday (former 80's band fronted by a very young Aimee Mann) has been a very emotional song for me in the past.

A couple of my own songs have come from such an emotional place that I had to do several studio takes on the vocals because I kept crying.

Some music makes me cry merely because it's so bad, but I won't get into that here. Big Grin

[ps...Jenn...did you ever hear that stylistic parody in the late 70's, I can't remember who did it, but it was called "I Need Your Help, Barry Manilow?" The chorus went "I need your help Barry Manilow, I'm miserable and I don't know what to do. Sing me a song, sing it sad and one knows how to suffer quite like you!"]
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