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Reply to "Songs that could be Crowded House songs"

Originally Posted by mattl:

There's also an American power-pop band called Einstein's Sister that released a few records, including HUMBLE CREATURES, which has a strong CH and Squeeze influence.


Have y'all heard the songs on which Paul McCartney and Elvis Costello collaborated in the late '80s? and early '90s?  Word is that they originally considered doing a duo album, but they ended up splitting up the tunes, which was a shame.


Several of the songs received proper studio recordings and were released on McCartney or Costello albums during that period.  It being the late '80s and early '90s, the production occasionally sounds dated, which is unfortunate, but the songs themselves are some of the best examples of classic pop since...well...since The Beatles and Crowded House.  "Tommy's Coming Home" has a tight two-part vocal harmony that reminds me of Tim and Neil singing together on WOODFACE.  "So Like Candy" feels a lot like "Into Temptation."  "My Brave Face" is a fantastic pop song [hook-filled melody, and chord progressions that go in interesting places] that always reminds me of The Beatles and Crowded House, perhaps because Mitchell Froom co-produced it, so it has a similar sound to WOODFACE.



Good call, Matt. I thought the same thing about "So Like Candy." About a decade later Costello released a song less like CH but shockingly similar to Neil solo. The first words of "Tart" sound like Neil's voice and the song's soulful feel, falsetto, and build to a climax make it seem like a good candidate for Dizzy Heights.


Another CH-esque song is Travis' "Safe." Fran Healy really seems to be emulating Neil's trademark inflections and like Paul H said of "Sunny Came Home", it has both Hester drum sound and soaring chorus of a classic CH song.


"Private Man" by Powderfinger is surprisingly one of the few songs in their catalogue that sounds like CH- especially the guitar solo.!/albu...rnationalist/1177285

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