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Reply to "Slow ticket sales"

brownie posted:
slowpogo posted:

What’s disappointing is that some spurned FM fans are actively rooting against the band, cheering for bad ticket sales.

What if Split Enz fired Neil Finn and replaced him with Lindsey Buckingham??  I’m sure there would be lots of angst about that, no?  

I could see how that could transpire hypothetically - The Enz decide to get back together for a full world tour and maybe an album. Everybody commits to a 2 year period devoted to it. Neil wants to get out another solo album and has some other side projects so wants the Enz to work around that.

They don’t want to have to work around Neil (on tour or in the studio), so fire him. 

If that happened and he was replaced by Lindsey I’d be happy enough. Lindey’s edgy paranoia would hark back to the original Phil Judd era Enz. Spellbound, Stranger than Fiction, even Nightmare Stampede (!) might make the setlist. I’m So Afraid would slot in there nicely. I would even like to see a Bucked up version of I Got You. I would just want Message to My Girl and other Neil songs off limits. That wouldn’t work.

For me, it would be the best of both worlds - I get to see the Enz, but quite a different incarnation to the last 5 or 6 times I’ve seen them with a vastly different set list, AND I get to see Neil doing more solo stuff and touring at the same time.

I do appreciate that other Enz fans who had never had the opportunity to see them live with Neil in the band may feel short changed though.

I would also feel differently if Neil was replaced by Rikki Morris (who covers some Neil songs in Eddie’s ENZO) and they did the same greatest hits setlist, put Rikki in there and pretended that nothing had happened. I wouldn’t buy tickets to that concert...

I feel the same about Fleetwood Mac. I saw them twice on their last tour and felt really privileged to see the full Rumours lineup. I am just as excited about this incarnation because I know it will be quite different from the last tour and I don’t want to see the same concert with the same songs again. If Lindsey had been replaced by somebody who was just going to sing his songs, and it was another greatest hits setlist, I would have no interest but this doesn’t appear to be the case. I am excited about what Neil and Mike will bring to the table and really hope the tour makes it to NZ.

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