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Reply to "Should there be a third single from T.O.E."

Hi All.

Sorry not to post in awhile... busy in a new radio job doing overnights in Queensland (again!).

On the subject of should there be a third single from Time On Earth... yes - but on certain conditions.

By the time a new single gets a run on-air it will be November. Radio stations are getting to push their big (fun and bright) summer hits.

Crowded House should have some extra exposure at this time due to touring and the POSSIBLE(?) induction into the Aria Hall of Fame at the ARIA Awards.

Now if the single is going to be a success and most importantly a radio hit, it needs a remix to fit the current pop trend.


1) not my number 1 choice, but release "walked her way down". As mentioned earlier it needs a U2 Flavoured remix... maybe The Rogue Traders could mix it?
There is two negative points in the song... that's the slow quiet section two times in the songs and the ending.

2) My left of centre but number one choice... TRANSIT LOUNGE. Again this calls for a remix and even having the Chorus come up an extra 2 times.
The ideal group to remix it... Jamiroquai.

That would be a funky song, feels right for ssummer and could mix in well with other (latest) tracks.

Anyway that's my 2 cents.

Peter in Emerald, QLD
4HI's Miners Overnight
    All times London, UK.

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