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Reply to "RIP Paul..."

Hi Guys

A few thopughts from a Pommie Fan in London.

This is my first and probably my last post on here, but I could not let the tragic events of the last few days go past without saying something.

I've seen CH many times and they have come to mean something huge in my life. Whenever I was down, depressed in love whatever Neil's words had a knack of touching my inner soul and giving me a little strength, comfort, whatever.

Paul's stage performances were awesome and belied a massive depressive problem that I think we all knew he suffered from. It's amazing that some oif the great creatives often suffered from something similar. However, for me his antics and banter were the focal point of a CH show and he and Neil had me in stiches many times.

We often forget he was also a great technical drummer, with a lovely 'tom-tom' based sound all of his own.

I often hoped I'd see a Crowdies re-union, but alas that's not ever gonna happen right now.

For me, my lasting memory of Hessie will be the moment in the Sydney vid when he wipes away a tear and after DD when he and Neil hug.

A great man that will be sadly missed.

Incidentaly, to give you all some comfort, Rugby is my main passion and I post a lot of a rugby bored and, as a lot of Aussies and Kiwis also post on it, there's been a lot of sadness expressed there too.

Here's a link and I wish you all the best.

I'm off the the show tonight and I hoipe they give the bugger a good sending off.


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