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Reply to "RIP Paul..."

Found out about this yesterday morning when my Mum told me. I nearly thought it was somekind of strange nightmare and jumped on the net and checked google only to find it was horrifyingly real. Then I thought to come here. And since then I've wanted to post, but really haven't known what to say. It still feels like a nightmare that someone as seemingly warm and talented could just leave the world in such a sad manner.
Not to be rude but I couldnt' believe the sheer dumbness of the remarks of some of the more obvious people in the media, like Molly Meldrum for example. Surely he's seen enough of the world and people to know that many talented artists and entertainers often have to deal with mental illness and depression of one form or another.
Being the "funny guy" often masks deeper feelings of emptiness, loneliness, or other negative emotions. Spike Milligan was another good example, as is Billy Connoly to some extent, who if you look a lot closer is a very serious and still quite troubled man.
My family has been touched by depression and mental illness profoundly for some time so I understand something of it, but like everyone here am very sad that someone so talented and clever (depression often comes with a quick and intelligent mind, which Paul clearly had) felt he had no option but to do what he did.
Paul Hester was one of the coolest, quick witted, intelligent, open minded, human beings in the world. I loved seeing him in Crowded House, but I particularly loved Hessie's Shed, where we could see more of not just his clever humour, but of his own often moody music and appreciation for other artists and entertainers. He introduced me to the Top Twins, got Reg and Pete and Noel Crombie to have a paint off, let loose the insane Raymond J back on TV again, and would talk with and listen to people often getting to slightly more serious things though his casual, approach.

Paul Hester was just plain cool.
We shall all miss him.
    All times London, UK.

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