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Reply to "RIP Paul..."

The outpouring of sadness and love is a testiment to the man, both as a musician and as a person. That he was loved by so many, shows us how much we can be touched by his talent and humor.

The death of Paul Hester is truly a tragedy, both on a personal level and for the world of music.

I have never felt so sad to hear the news of someone passing who has not been in my immediate family.

I have been watching the music channel Max as much as I can today, singing along but crying as well. From the freshfaced boy in the barn doing cartwheels to the jokester hamming it up with the Finn brothers at the session at the Arts Centre last year. We have lost a true treasure.

On a personal note, although I did not know him well, his children and mine go to the same school and kindergarten, so I used to see him regularly in the playground and at kinder when our kids were playing together. He was always really friendly and down to earth, never behaving like the cool dude the way some muso's can. I once commented that his felt hat reminded me of my grandfathers and we struck up a conversation about oldtimers and the old Aussie bushman and how they have all but disappeared, he explained how his Dad was a bushie and so was my Pop and we had a laugh about the funny things they used to do.

I also joked that he had been to my place but he didn't realise it. He looked at me funny and I explained that I lived in the house that Nick Seymour once had and he straight away started telling some great old yarns about the parties that had gone on in the house and how the 82 year old neighbour used to be invited in and she had a ball. At one stage Neil Finn, Eddie Rayner and Mark Seymour all lived in our street. Boy I wish I had lived here then.

Paul Hester was a true showman and a bloody nice bloke as well. He didn't have to talk to me and tell me those stories but he did and it is a great memory I have.

My heart goes out to his family, close friends and his little girls. I feel devistated and I was barely touched by his warmth. I cannot imagine how those close to him must be feeling.

I only hope some good will come out of this tragic event.

Well there is my first post and definitely not my last. I have been lurking here for a few days, not sure of whether I should say something or not. But as this forum seems to be so supportive I thought I would add my bit.
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