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Reply to "RIP Paul..."

Dear Paul,

No one can really know the dark place you went to before you decided to leave us...the only thing we know is that we all love you.

I was 16 when I first saw you on stage in Adelaide during the first Crowded Houe concert tour back in the late eighties. I remember you head butting the microphone by mistake while playing the snare drum...then head butting it again on purpose...then head butting it became the bad joke of the bad infact that it still makes me laugh today...

All I remember thinking at the time when you were head butting was, "Gee, I hope that when I finish school, I can find a job that I love doing and get paid for it!" And so I have...I am a photographer now & loving it.

If only you knew the impact you had on me.


Until we meet again in the next life...may your soul rest in peace.

Love Nicki.
    All times London, UK.

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