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Reply to "RIP Paul..."

i know i haven't been around in a while, but i thought it would be appropriate to say something now.

a couple of months ago i made a habit of going out for walks and listening to my discman. on a couple of occasions i chucked in a Crowded House mix i made for myself, and walked around town thinking, "the man's such a talented drummer. bless him. i hope he's overcomed his demons."

the closest i got to a CH reunion was watching him play "There Goes God" with Neil and Tim Finn, and later "Four Seasons In One Day" at the Palais last November. how stoked was i to see him smiling, laughing, and (as he did) putting the house in stitches with his wisecracks.

when we saw him at RocKwiz a few weeks ago, we swore the joie de vive was there. we cheered him on, even when the taping ran long and he annoyed the hosts a bit with all of his nonsense. if i have one regret in life, it's not running over to say hello to him after the taping. we never saw him again after he disappeared behind the curtain.

"And you're full of the wonder of spring
it's all sweetness and lightness you bring
and a room full of people fall to your infinite charm
but when darkness should quickly descend
you go quietly, my miserable friend
to the depths of despair you will crawl
black and white boy..."

we'll miss you, Paul.

    All times London, UK.

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