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Reply to "Rhett Miller and Neil Finn, Town Hall, New York"

What a night! Thanks for those who've posted the set list and reviews. I'm going again tonight and I assure you that I will stand much sooner than last night's crowd did. I think I like Bowery Ballroom and Irving PLaza better as venues. Even though Town Hall is gorgeous and I think Neil liked it, he had never played there before, the vibe is better when people are on their feet. The formality of the room also I think curbed the amount of banter between the songs. There were some longish silences between the songs at the beginning of the set and I think not until the end of the set did the crowd , as a crowd- there was certainly some great moments on stage, really demonstrate to Neil that they were really connected to what he was singing.

I completely missed the opening act because I had memories of the Irving Plaza shows when Ed Harcourt started playing at 9pm so I decided to show up late, knowing that we had seats.

A funny moment happened before the show as I was walking away from the theatre towards Broadway (heading West from the theatre) just before 8. I saw Neil! He was surrounded by an entourage. The thing that I loved about seeing him is that he was wearing that short double breasted black coat that he wore in some publicity pictures for Try Whistling This (I think) his hands were in his pockets and he looked exactly like that. I was very surprised to see him and I said "Hey! I'm gonna see you later." I felt like quite an idiot. I wish I had mustered up the thoughfulness to say something better. Ah well.

I loved the Hole in the River bit as well as Locked Out. I like Human Kindness more and more every time I hear it. Neil sounded great!

Have people mentioned that he dedicated Human Kindness, I think, to the drummer of Soul Coughing who was in the audience- don't remember his name?

At the beginning someone requested a split enz song, I don't remember which one (Shark Attack mentioned in someone's set list), and Neil started playing it, saying "That's one of Tim's songs" and, I think, immitating Tim's voice. Later on the person who requested the song said loudly "We love you Tim" and everyone laughed.

I'll post more tidbits as I remember them. I'll take notes tonight.

Anyone knoe whether they were selling CD's at the venue? Rain soudtrack perhaps?

Mari G
    All times London, UK.

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