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Reply to "Rhett Miller and Neil Finn, Town Hall, New York"

Originally posted by bobd730:
[qb]Charlotte ... thank you for the details on the first NYC show ... I was there too ... and now I can pass along the info to friends who couldn't make it ...

I too live in Connecticut ... and alas, I will not be going to the second show either ...

Kia Kaha .. you're welcome to use my sofabed anytime if you need a place to crash after a night in NYC ... I used to live in Eastern Connecticut in the 80s, so I know what a 3-hour trip to the city is like ... living in Stamford it's only an hour or so in and out ...

Bob D.[/qb]
Cheers, Bob! I recall as we were driving along I-95 at around 1am, my husband saying "anyone who says Connecticut is a small state can bite my rear end. Three hours just to get home, and we're not even close to the border of Massachusetts."

That was my first visit ever to the Big Apple, and not nearly long enough! I think next time I go, it'll be on the train... the price of parking is outrageous! Eeker (Still, the sights and sounds of New York City... ahhhhhhhhh yep, I'll be back... although this time with a packed lunch, lol)

Anyway, set-list time... as I see nobody's posted it yet.

Main Set:
- Last One Standing
- Anytime
- Hole In the Ice
- Sinner
- (jamming to radio through the amps, seguing into some of Play It Strange)
- There Is A Light That Never Goes Out
- a few bars of Shark Attack (lol!)
- Love This Life
- Driving Me Mad
- One Step Ahead
- Hole In The River
- Not The Girl You Think You Are
- Human Kindness
- The Last To Know
- Pineapple Head
- Locked Out
- She Will Have Her Way

Encore (1st):
- History Never Repeats
- Loose Tongue
- Something So Strong

Encore (2nd):
- Nails In My Feet ("Ohhh no, I haven't done that one in about seven years!")
- Fall At Your Feet
- Lullaby Requiem

...hard to pick a standout song, or even couple of songs, from that lot. The overall package was just awesome, and I am SO glad just to have been there!
(Footnote: To you lucky people who are going to more than one show... make the most of it for us out of towners (read: poor CT hillbillies, LOL) who can only see one!!! Wink Big Grin Wink )
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