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Reply to "Rhett Miller and Neil Finn, Town Hall, New York"

What a great show. What a great night. Smiler

Charlotte Anne has done a terrific job of describing the whole thing, although the Split Enz song was One Step Ahead, not I Got You.

While I thought the whole thing was fantastic, the show REALLY started to take off after people stood up. *laughs* At some stage late in the show (I think it was during "She Will Have Her Way"?), 2 girls stood up, and Neil made a point of pointing out "the two brave girls - you look good standing up" -- or something to that effect. (God I'm so tired right now. LOL)

Hole in the River was really a highlight. I don't think 2 seconds passed between someone yelling out "Hole in the River" and when Neil launched into it. And then he went over and sat at the keyboards while still playing his guitar and switched back and forth between the two a couple of times during the song. It sounded great. Smiler

Pineapple Head sounded AMAZING.

And he played Nails In My Feet! - or at least half of it, with various lines inserted into various wrong places. Wink

We took a few pictures, unfortunately with a disposable camera (didn't want to risk having them confiscate my good camera), so if they came out reasonably okay I will post them here for Geddy. I was in the 4th row, so they do have a chance of turning out at least passable.

Nails In My Feet!! ( Can you tell I adore this song? Smiler ) and then I got to speak briefly with Neil afterwards - what a terrifically nice man he is. Smiler

Does it get any better than this? I don't think so.

What a wonderful night. Smiler

I should really go to bed now. Wink
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