Review Thread - The Conversation

1. Straw to Gold
2. Out of this world
3. The Saw & the Tree
4. Slow Mystery
5. Rearview Mirror
6. Only a Dream
7. Fall from Grace
8. Invisible
9. Snowbound
10. Great Return
11. Imaginary Kingdom
12. Forever Thursday
13. More Fool Me

I know it doesn't officially come out until next week but since it's available on Tim's MySpace it's not too soon for us to start having opinions!

Personally, I'll admit I was at first worried. The YouTube documentary had some clips of songs but nothing jumped out at me and I was concerned that the album might be flat and boring. I'm pleased to report that I was wrong. I think the album comes off just as Tim intended. It's warm and intimate and features some of his best song writing to date. This may not be a popular thought but I think this album easily surpasses Imaginary Kingdom and stands alongside Feeding the Gods as one of Tim's best.

I think it actually acts as a very nice counterpoint to Feeding the Gods. Both albums are very emotional, personal, and well executed. The difference is of course that while FtG is loud and aggressive The Conversation is quiet and soothing. But on both albums the strong melodies, lyrics, and lack of mediocre song craft (see "Show Yourself") combined with straightforward production makes them sound simultaneously fresh and timeless.

Bravo, Tim!

I think the best songs are "Straw to Gold", "Out of this World", "Fall From Grace", "Forever Thursday", and "Great Return".

Possibly weak tracks (though I need more time to digest them) may be: "Rearview Mirror" and "Imaginary Kingdom".

I haven't heard "Invisible" yet so this review is 8% incomplete.
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