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Reply to "Rarities CD"

No Paul we always say if it's a Club Only release, always have, always will. In 28 years can anyone name one item where this was not the case? The exception being 'X" amount of I Like It Rare cds which we allow for to make some $ to cover running costs. But if we are lucky for an item to be club only it's mentioned as such. Assuming something doesn't always mean it is so, especially where it never said it was.
LUTON (2 cd) is the perfect example where we said it was club only (issue #70).

If it was a privately pressed CD (not cdr) of rarities it would actually cost a LOT more especially if it was 50 like you said.I can't imagine any pressing company being cheap for a run of 50 Paul, as I think the smallest stock run would be at least 250.

No Tim was in rehearsals all we knew was we had 100- to be honest I expected the small amount of remaining stock to be used on parts of the US tour (but that was an assumption)as I couldn't imagine Tim touring without something. From what I'm gathering (from the emails we have been receiving) people have been missing out on it at shows as the few they have go fast. So I'm assuming it is a very small run.

With only a short time to do this before we left for a month it was added to the VIP, and from memory that was only like 2 days.

Nothing new to add that's just how it is, costs are costs it's something we can not avoid. We were told the price to get them here via Express so we could mail out whatever we could before we left. We were told the tax price and the registered price, and cd mailer price.

It's a bit repetitive and to be honest there is nothing new I can add.

Whatever Tim and management decide to do with any of their product is truly up to them, sometimes items are given away, some added to other albums, some as bonus's, some discounted because there is remaining stock, some more if there is another pressing and it goes into stores. It's an area where we have zero say, and many times unaware. If they reduce the price towards the end of the tour or increase it I can't tell you.

End of the day we do the best we can BUT costs have to be included. It's something we can't escape and whatever info we are given is all we can add especially in this case. The club runs on a shoe string and the costs have to be part of it.

    All times London, UK.

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