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Reply to "Rarities CD"

Paul H wrote:
I may be being a bit unfair but I'm a bit miffed at the fact that I paid twice as much through the fan club as it costs to get it off Tim's Myspace page.

When I got PG's VIP email it implied that the CD was a really limited release via the club, so I jumped on it real quick to avoid disappointment.

Shame it turns out that I could have got it for £6 instead of £16 from Tim direct, and could have had it in my hands by now.

To be fair, we get so much good stuff off the club that I kinda treat it like a charity and am happy to pay a little over the odds, but it would have been nice to have the release arrangements made more clear.

Am I the only one who didn't get that it was also available through Myspace?

No Paul, you're not the only one. I actually got a bit confused when I first read about the release through Tim's Myspace, because I thought that the Club release was the only place it was available, and I thought maybe there were two different CD's floating around.

I ordered mine through the Club, and have now got it. Once I've paid for something, I don't spend a lot of time worrying that I could have gotten it cheaper elsewhere or whatever - that serves no purpose.

I may order one through Tim's Myspace page anyway. My niece would love one, and despite what I've just said above, it would average out the cost.

I agree with Paul's other statement - I also think of the Club like a charity. We get great releases through it that we otherwise would not get, and the extra dollars and stamps etc go towards keeping it running and afloat. I for one would be lost if it folded, so not too much complaint from me. Smiler
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