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Reply to "Rarities CD"

Originally posted by Mr. Sadly:
You know honestly, some of those rarities are probably rare for good reason.

Although they can still be funky and funny to listen to. I always get a kick out of "Not Made of Stone"...

"have you ever seen a face like that
staring at you from the mirror?
pink carnation and a ten-gallon hat
it's a lovesick gorilla!"

Now that's vivid mental imagery.

Not Made of Stone had the potential to be one of those ridiculously catchy singles that, while corny "I bring you all of my attention span/if that's what you expect from me/I stand before you like your long lost man/Tim Finn is what you want him to be", manages to get stuck in everyone's head.

Such a great beat and energy to that song. I'd like to have it on Vol 2 if that ever happens.
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