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Together Alone


Temple Of Low Men

Time On Earth


Crowded House 

I didn't include Afterglow as it's a compilation but If I did it would go above Intriguer and CH.

Together Alone is just beautiful and I adore it. It's so moody and sexy. I even love 'Skin Feeling' which doesn't seem to get much recognition. The title track is amazing, and Nails In My Feet is possibly my favourite ever song by Neil. I would have added Help Is Coming to make it even better!

I'd take Italian Plastic off Woodface, but other than that it's perfect to me.

TOLM is superb from start to finish in terms of songwriting and performance, but suffers a little from the production style, which isn't to my taste.

Time On Earth is hit and miss for me, but I LOVE Silent House, Say That Again, English Trees and A Sigh. Lost Island and the lost title track should have made the cut, no?

Intriguer. Hmm. I only like Archers Arrows and Amsterdam. The alternate version of Saturday Sun on the deluxe version is pretty good too. Speaking of the deluxe version... how good are Beautiful Life and Two Minutes Of Silence?? Wow.. That' the band back on full form! Also, God Lives Over The Road, The Intriguer,  Eyes Grow Heavy and Turn It Around are all great and should have gone on the album, shouldn't they??

CH.. errr.. I actually just don't like this at all. Terrible production and some really cheesy songs. The live versions of Hole In The River and Love You Till The Day I Die are great though.





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