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1. Together Alone

2. Woodface

3. Temple of Low Men

4. Intriguer

5. Crowded House

6. Time on Earth

Since @usaoz did ask for nationality and start of fandom -- it's German and I started in mid 1987 with the debut album.

TA is, as many others have stated, not just my CH-#1-Album, it's my all-time-fave pop record. I get back to it time and again and haven given away at least 10 copies of it. Woodface is not that coherent as an album for me; a string of great songs on it, but maybe it could have been 12 instead of 14 tunes. TOLM is a big step forward in complexity and seriousness from the debut album, it has "I Feel Possessed" and "Into Temptation" on it, but it lacks an "album" feel. Intriguer surprised me, I had not expected that much after "Saturday Sun". The debut album has these singles, but it could have been produced better (especially since I have listened to the deluxe version with that load of fresh ideas). "Time on Earth" is just two songs for me, and both are Paul related: "English Trees" and "Nobody Wants To".

I agree that Woodface should have been a shorter album (12 songs).  If they had dropped Fame Is and Italian Plastic, it would be much stronger (IMHO), but the level of songwriting and performance on Woodface is staggeringly good.

Chocolate Cake

It's Only Natural

Fall at Your Feet

Tall Trees

Weather With You

Whispers and Moans

Four Seasons in One Day

There Goes God

All I Ask

As Sure As I Am

She Goes On

How Will You Go

Why do a lot of people seem to dislike Italian Plastic? It's one of my all time favorites. Just curious.

    All times London, UK.

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