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Reply to "Rank The Crowded House Studio Albums"

For me it's

Together Alone


Time On Earth

Temple of Low Men


Crowded House


Together Alone is a masterpiece. Every song is brilliant and varied. You have the rock songs (Locked Out and Black and White Boy) that sound way better thanks to the brilliance of Mark Hart. Then you have completely outlandish songs (Pineapple Head and Private Universe). We also have highly emotional ones (Kare Kare and Together Alone). And everything in between is brilliant. Truly spectacular. 10/10

I feel that Woodface and Together Alone are almost the same level. I would say that I prefer Woodface but Together Alone is a better album. Woodface, for me feels more quirky and I adore a lot of it's (Weather With You, Four Seasons in One Day, There Goes God, As Sure As I Am, Italian Plastic and How Will You Go) I have found that some songs (Fall At Your Feet, Tall Trees and Fame Is) are some of my least favorites. 9.5/10

Time On Earth is mainly Crowded House as a duet and I really do enjoy that. For me this album is a game of two halves. The first is a classic Crowded House album in the same vain as Woodface. From this all six songs are for me brilliant (Nobody Wants To, Don't Stop Now, She Called Up, Say That Again, Pour le Monde and Even A Child) Then after Even A Child we have the closest Crowded House have come to a concept album and it really works, with its themes of loss, ageing and how short our 'Time On Earth' really is. While I do really like a some of these songs (Heaven That I'm Making, Silent House and People Are Like Suns), all the others sort of blur into one. That and it is very upsetting listening at times. 8/10

Temple of Low Men, singles wise is the best. All five of them (I Feel Possessed, Into Temptation, When You Come, Sister Madly and Better Be Home Soon) are amazing and I adore them. The others songs are pretty good as well. But this album feels the least rewarding as my top five songs are the five singles. No album track is anywhere near their level for me. 7/10

While Temple of Low Men suffers from amazing singles syndrome, Intriguer suffers from meh singles syndrome (Saturday Sun and Either Side of the World). However I do love a lot of the album tracks (Archer's Arrows, Amsterdam, Falling Dove, Twice If You're Lucky and Even If). Everything else is meh. It feels much more of a band effort than Time On Earth and I would love another Crowdies V.2 album, even if it's Afterglow 2. 7/10

Crowded House is a flawed debut. For me four of the singles (Mean To Me, World Where You Live, Don't Dream It's Over and Something So Strong) are superb and I really enjoy. While loved by a few people a few songs like (Love You 'Til the Day I Die, Hole In the River and Can't Carry On and That's What I Call Love) are some of the band's worst offerings and very poor in my opinion. Everything non-singles in this album sort of blurs into one for me. 5/10


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