Reply to "Rank The Crowded House Studio Albums"

1. Together Alone
What can I say that hasn't been said? I've never been able to separate this and Earth & Sun & Moon in choosing my favourite album ever, nor do I want to as neither deserves to come 2nd in my books.

2. Afterglow
I know this album is outside the criteria, but I'm taking the opportunity to show how highly I rate it. As a compilation, it may or may not lack the flow of the other albums, but I wouldn't know- I rarely listen to albums start to finish. I listen through iPods etc and randomly choose whichever song I feel like hearing. As the sum of its parts, this is bettered only by TA.

3. Woodface
Extremley difficult to split this and ToLM, both contain about 5 of my very favourites, but Woodface just gets the nod for its depth of other solid tracks.

4. Temple of Low Men

5. Time on Earth
Without doubt the biggest 'grower' of an album I have experienced. These songs just worm their way a little further into me every time, even now- three years after first exploring it.

6. Intriguer
Perhaps its relative freshness helped put this ahead of the debut album...

7. Crowded House
Attending the Sydney concert in November, hearing the crowd recite every word to the classics from this album reinvigorated my appreciation for them after years of repeated listens had admittedly worn off some of the magic for me. It leaves me feeling a little bad ranking this last, but the reality is that in its studio form, this album always walked the tightrope between being joyfully 80's and gratingly 80's to my ears.

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