Reply to "Rank The Crowded House Studio Albums"

Interesting to see last two before some oldies

Here is mine:

1. Together Alone - as best album ever from anybody

2. Woodface

3. Intriguer

4. Temple of low Men

5. Time on earth

6. Crowded House

Woodface and Intriguer long time battled for second place, but Woodface won, because there has been too many excellent songs left off official Intriguer plus it would be interesting to hear Intriguer if production and all Wilco influence went in some other direction. Appart of that, Intriguer era was one of the most exciting with many brilliant songs to me.

And, if list would be expanded with Afterglow, I would put Afterglow on place together with Time on Earth. And if it would be expanded even more with never released album with songs from and around 1995., (Instinct, Everything is good, Not the girl, Anthem, Taste of something divine, Help is coming, Spirit of the stairs, I am so scared of losing, Loose Tongue) I would put that album with those songs directly on second place, shortly after Together Alone and before Woodface.

    All times London, UK.

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