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Rank every band/project/solo work

Here's a fun game. Let's rank every band/project done with the Finn Bros and solo work. 

To jog our memory here's a list of all the projects in the form of my ranking (by my count). I'm also separating Crowded House/Split Enz into two "eras".

1) Crowded House v.1 (1985-1996)

2) Finn Brothers

3) Neil Finn Solo Work

4) Tim Finn Solo Work

5) Crowded House v.2 (2007-2011/2016)

6) Split Enz v.1 (Judd Era)

7) Pajama Club

8) 7 Worlds Collide

9) Split Enz v.2 (Non Judd Era)

10) The Mullanes

If I've missed anything or you'd like to split things up further feel free to add! But I'd love to hear your guy's rankings.

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