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Wow.....everybody's done such a great job of reviews!!!

Looks like most folks are reviewing both the Portland AND Seattle shows here, so I guess I'll do the same!

Nice work on the set-list and description of events, Jamie!

Amy....I've still got a pic of where Neil signed your arm!! Big Grin

Catherine......what can I say: best vacation EVER!!

I'd really like to thank Anne and Joanna.....they were with me when I thought up the idea to ask Neil for a baby name on my first-ever paper airplane! I might not have done it if not for their encouragement! You guys ROCK!! (I was in SO MUCH SHOCK when Neil picked up my airplane....I kept saying "is that MINE?? is that MY airplane???" and almost forgot to yell and scream if it weren't for Anne behind me pushing my arms into the air!!)

Talking with Shon and Scott after the Portland show was wonderful....what great guys! Shon even remembered Joanna from talking with her last July! WOW!

The Seattle show was incredible as well...I was in the best spot possible: about 2 feet to Neil's right, front row! Neil and I had so many "moments" during songs where we'd make eye contact, and were just totally lost in the joy of the music! Since he only gave me a girlie name in Portland, I really wanted to ask him to give a boy's name, but he was being ushered toward the bus by two "representatives" of the Showbox, and was instantly surrounded by 20 or so people. I was biding my time, but seeing my opportunity slip away because SO MANY people were stuffing things for him to sign in his face. Finally Neil looks up and we again made eye contact......he raised his eyebrows and nodded his head like he was silently saying, "Hey...the pregnant chic!" and I took my chance said "Hey Neil....what about a boy's name?" Keep in mind, security is still pushing Neil and the crowd towards the bus, and he's still signing things for 20 people.....he replied, "Oh! Uh......Dez!" I guess I had a puzzled look on my face when I said, "Dez?" He then said, "Yeah, Dezmond!!" What a take time out of being mobbed to go out of your way to acknowledge ONE person?? He's got my undying would've actually been pretty easy for Neil to not meet my expectations as I had a certain preconception from his music of him being a good guy. But he exceeded my wildest dreams......I mean, I've had friends that weren't as nice to me as Neil was! (granted, not very GOOD friends, but you get the point!) A truly classy man.

I got to chat briefly with Sebastian and Lisa, and got Elroy's autograph along with Catherine. Poor guy......don't know what was going through his mind, but he couldn't say a word!

The fans I met at the Seattle show were fantastic! Jean and Christy in the front row with me....where are you guys??? Thanks for adding to my experience! After Rhett's set, I started feeling really sick and dizzy....kind of like morning sickness in the evening, and everybody around me TOTALLY took care of me! Jean on my right gave me an orange from the cold'n'flu bag she made for Neil, and Jackie gave me a home-made chocolate (with nuts) that she made for Neil and band! Water was provided by Anne and Joanna (because I was having hot-flashes!) and Pinahead gave me a couple of the infamous fortune cookies after the show. At one point during intermission I had to crouch down with my back against the stage, facing the audience because I was so dizzy and overheated. I guess the word had gotten out that I'm newly pregnant, so the folks behind me started to fan me with whatever paper they had! So much love!! I'll never forget it guys! Three nights of pure magic! THANK YOU EVERYBODY!!

Gen & Maisy/Dezmond
    All times London, UK.

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