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The Portland show was ABSOLUTELY amazing. I'm pretty sure "concert going" doesn't get any better than that. The highlight, for me, was singing "backup" with everybody else in the front row (most notably Anne Francis who happens to have a great voice--hey, didn't we do an especially good job on FAYF? Wink ) and us-all being told, a couple of times "I can hear you," and "That sounds really good" by Neil himself!

The energy was completely warm and welcoming throughout the audience that night, and the band members were very up-beat. I've never been to a show where people were that nice: exchanging smiles, sharing the joy, generally "spreading the love." It was pure magic. I am bad with names, but "HI" to everyone I met at the front of the line... you guys were great!!!

Rhett Miller is AWESOME!! What a great surprise, as I was half expecting some kind of "opening dork," worthy of a half-rotten veggie-toss. Boy was I wrong about that one!! ONe guy onstage with his guitar (and his hair--heehee) generating the energy of at least a three man group. I bought his CD and highly recommend it!! Goldenboy's CD is not bad, either, by the way...

Neil was particularly accomodating to airplanes and gifts in Portland. He even played with the wind-up Nunzilla that one of the girls from the front of the line had sent up as part of a tour bus care package... it was so funny! He had all the lights dimmed so we could see the sparks as this toy walked across his guitar. He was even inspired to tell us about a creepy teacher from "form five" named Sister Cletus of all things...

At the end of the show he mentioned that we were "bar none" the best audience of the whole tour. Awesome!! Way to go, Portland!!!

After the show I got to speak to Shon (the name Goldenboy does suit him! He's a dollbaby for sure!!) and the drummer (ACk! forgot name! but he looks like Bruce Springsteen to me, and I told him so. hee hee). I had nothing for them to sign, so I got no autographs Frowner ... but they were SO kind and down-to-earth, it was wonderful. It seemed like the drummer was going to include me in a group he was inviting backstage (even without "wristbands") but I chose not to go since I couldn't bear to lose boarderGurl again so soon after finding her!! Hee hee.

Seattle was also a great show, though the crowd was a bit more 'edgy.' The show was really fun: lots of goofing around, ad lib stuff happened. Like Neil making up a song called "Skin" based on a demo tape that was thrown up onto stage (he had the sound man cue it up right then and there!). Neil's version went something like this: "Skin. I love my skin. It keeps my organs from falling out. My skin. Ski-i-i-in. It holds me in. It keeps my blood in check. My skin. Skin. I didn't used to have so much, but now that I'm older it kind of hangs over my belt. Skin." That sort of thing. Very clever and cute. And well sung, too. Let's see, what else? There was some kind of chicken song we were encouraged to "bok bok bok bok bok bok CAW" to... a series of very foul sounding riffs just for fun, after Neil was handed his twelve-string guitar with one string VERY out-of-tune... the audience was encouraged to sing back-up on World Where You Live (awesome!!) and Neil seemed to take great pleasure in the result... he also had the audience "be a guitar" and "you on the left side: be a bass drum and you on the right: be a high hat." So, despite a slightly "meaner" audience, Seattle was also quite a show!!!

Outside the Showbox I got to meet Sebastian: an awesome guy. Super friendly. He has a sticker on his stand up bass that says "Support Vaginal Pride." (Gotta love that! Hee hee.) I even got an autograph from Elroy... just cause he's so cool! It was awesome to see him drum on stage, that night, for the second time... Neil was walking by (actually being spirited out by two bodyguards, since he didn't seem in the mood to be swarmed... can't blame him AT ALL; yet there were still were some drunken MEGA-dorks who persisted in shoving all sorts of crap in his face to be signed--dollar bills and the like)... anyway, as he was walking by and before he was accosted, Neil saw Elroy signing for me: said, "What's this? What's happening here?" in a teasing way. I hope Elroy was only half as honored and surprised to sign autographs as I was to see him make his entry into "the music scene." Good for him!! (It was inevitable... Smiler )

As I said I'm bad with names, but HI EVERYBODY!! It was SO nice meeting you and getting to know what makes y'all tick...

    All times London, UK.

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