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Reply to "portland show"

Hey everybody! Joanna and I are posting as one, after we have just seen both the Portland and Seattle shows. To add to Jamesina's excellent post recapping the Portland show, a few more tid bits to share with everyone:

- Neil read an airplane from our boardergurl herself regarding baby names and he recommended the name "Maisy" if it is a girl...

- Neil had fun with a small stuffed lamb that Joanna gave him (her last name is Lamb, thus the connection). The lamb wore a laminated sign readin "I'm a bit SHEEPISH. WOOL you play The Devil You Know or Straight Old Line? Thank EWE, Joanna." He picked it up and gave it to the roadie/sound guy John, stating that John was from New Zealand and was in need of familar company...very cute. The stuffed lamb ended up on John's mix board for the rest of the night.

- The quote about God chocolate went like this: "Like God's Chocolate, I would lick your shadow off the sidewalk." We know this because we witness the woman who crafted the aeroplane.

Joanna and I honestly thought there was no way he could top last July's Portland show - BUT HE DID!!! It was amazing! Even my non-Finn-fan hubby enjoyed himself very much. Rhett was fantastic - a great compliment to Neil's set. Everyone in the crowd was gracious and happy to be there (and not drunk and territorial, like the Seattle audience).

We also enjoyed meeting up with some Frenz before the show - Sweet Secret Peace, boardergurl and amywink! Can't wait until Tim and Neil come back so we can all hang out again!

annefrancis & Joanna
    All times London, UK.

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