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Reply to "PHILLY 8/10: Magic"

Originally posted by xport:
Playful Crowded House delights fans
By Nicole Pensiero
For The Philadelphia Inquirer

It's hard to say who was having a better time at the Mann Center Friday night: Crowded House leader Neil Finn and his sidekick/bassist Nick Seymour, or the exuberant, mixed-age audience reveling in the two-hour reunion concert under suddenly cooled skies.
Playing before a crowded (but hardly full) house of devotees, Finn, Seymour and bandmates - multi-instrumentalist Mark Hart, drummer Matt Sherrod (the replacement for original drummer Paul Hester, a 2005 suicide) and Finn's guitarist son, Liam - could hardly contain their delight at the warm reception.

"Fantastic!" the 49-year-old Finn yelled out after a show-stopping sing-along to "Don't Dream It's Over," the band's only U.S. mega-hit. The audience participation had him reaching out to them from along a wooden partition.

Following a solid opening set by pop-rocker Pete Yorn (whose countrified cover of Elvis Presley's 1969 hit "Suspicious Minds" was especially impressive), Crowded House led off with a forceful rendition of 1993's "Locked Out," then moved between their best-known songs to tracks from their just-released CD, Time on Earth.

Finn's and Seymour's ongoing stage banter was like a show within a show: They chatted about everything from Philly cheesesteaks to their own oddly esoteric stage set. A quick primer on Australian '60s folk-rockers the Seekers inspired an impromptu rendition of 1965's "The Carnival Is Over." Silly or not, it charmed the crowd.

Crowded House's razor-sharp musicianship was almost (but not quite) overshadowed by the onstage playfulness. The still-boyish Finn - whose emotive vocals were the show's sonic center - moved between guitar and keyboards frequently, showing off some fun dance moves in the process. New songs such as "Silent House" and "She Called Up" were catchy, but old favorites such as "Weather With You" and "World Where You Live" had the crowd on its feet.

Rewarding concertgoers with two encores, the band closed things out with a spirited Neil and Liam Finn duet on the ever-sweet "Better Be Home Soon."

Note: THAT is a spot-on review, including kudos to Pete Yorn. Too many people here who don't even know his music are snarking him. I don't get that???

Sorry, not a response regarding CH so apologies for being off topic but have to agree regarding Pete Yorn. I totally agree with xport and was so envious that Pete was the support act over in the US for some of the shows. I seen him do a 2 hour solo show last year here in Melbourne and he was fabulous and it's quite obvious he has been highly influenced by his fellow New Jerseyian (is there such a word..??) Bruce Springsteen. Hell he even looked like a young Bruce when I seen him, full beard and hat just like 1970's Bruce and also opened the show with Atlantic City, much to my delight Smiler
    All times London, UK.

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