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Reply to "PHILLY 8/10: Magic"

My wife and I went to the 2nd NYC show the night before. Afterwards, I asked my wife if she wanted to go down to Philly the next night and she said no way, she knew she'd be too tired.

So around 4:00 pm Friday afternoon, I decide to see if tickets are available, and lo and behold they are. Good seats too (Orchestra A, Center Section. Much better than the seats at the Beacon, which were the 2nd to last row, even though I purchased them weeks in advance). I purchased my ticket online, left work a little early, got home and took the car to Philly. About 2 hrs with traffic.

I got there in the middle of Zorn's set, which was good. Crowded House was magnificent, and I really loved the venue.

The one thing that bugged me about the 2nd NYC show was that they didn't play a single song off Temple of Low Men, so I was glad that "When You Come" and "Better Be Home Soon" made the set list in Philly. Personally, I'd like to hear more TOLM songs live, but it looks like from prior set lists that they're not playing much from that album.

Got out around 11:40 and it took about 2 hrs to get back home again.

As it happened, the people to my right at the concert drove up from Baltimore that evening to see the show, although they were staying in Philadelphia overnight before going back.

I didn't notice anything wrong with Neil's voice. I heard the radio broadcast online the next day and was amazed that he was able to recover so quickly.

Overall a great concert, made even more enjoyable by the spontaneity involved in deciding to go down to Philly at the last minute.
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