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Reply to "paul pic from rockwiz"

Very funny - loved the "Brushes Thang" :-).. Knew his stuff too .. won the game.

still, if anyone is so technologically inclined to do a screen shot .... Smiler wouldnt have a clue how to do it!

If using Windows OS .. you should simply be able to press your "Print Screen Key" next to the F12 key on your keypad.

Once one has chosen what to capture .. simply press the "Print Screen key" then go to your START ICON (Lower left on your screen)click onto START ..then goto - programs/Accessories/Paint .. CLICK onto the "PAINT" icon to open.

Now once PAINT is open .. simply click the "EDIT TAB" and go down and press PASTE.

Walla .. there you should have your screen capture.

Now go up to your FILE TAB (Top left)and press it .. now choose "SAVE AS" .. type into the box whatever you would like to save it as .. hey presto .. Done.

Now you can access and edit that screenshot by using any Photo Manager you have onboard

Hope that is smooth running for you silent stream ;-)
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