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Reply to "Paul On Rockwiz"

Wow - these guys are very efficient -I have obviously hooked into the email cycle and have details on the Rockwiz repeats schedule. Almost like someone was listening on the other side and sent me the dates...

7 Oct - no Rockwiz due to soccer(Australia V Paraguay)No debates please about using the term football - I am from the home city of AFL (Australian Rules Football to those OS)

14 October - Rockwiz repeats resume

repeats listing:

Paul Kelly and Katy Steele
Tex Perkins and Deborah Conway
Angry Anderson and Sarah McLeod
Chris Cheney and Chrissy Amphlett
Paul Hester and Donna Simpson

What a fitting grand finale....

No dates are given in the rockwiz email so for those in Aust "please check your local guides" in case there are other changes to regular programming. If the 5 episodes screen consecutively Hessie's episode will be on 11 November. One for the diary.

The SBS website offers podcasts but I don't know if it applies to these shows so those of you who are into this might want to investigate.

Thanks again to everyone who voted in the original topic I started on this.
    All times London, UK.

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