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Reply to "Paul Hester's debut with the Enz?"

Okey doe...

From TV Week, January 21, 1984, p. 85

-Top Rock Group Go For Gold On Concert Tour

Top Rock group Split Enz took a logical step when they launched their latest LP - Conflicting Emotions - and a national three-month concert tour.

They journeyed to Ballarat in central Victoria, site of the 1851 Australian goldrush.

But the Enz are hoping to strike more than gold with their new record.

"We're panning for platinum," lead singer Tim Finn joked after the group had performed for a wildly enthusiastic audience. (A platinum record is awarded for sales in Australia of more than 75,000 LP records.)

It's Split Enz' first concert tour in more than a year.

The pioneering spirit and the search for glittering prizes that build the city of Ballarat so many years ago has some parallel in the history of Split Enz, who almost a decade ago left New Zealand for Australia in search of fame and fortune."

There are 3 photos with the article: a big one of the group on a stage coach; one of Tim and Eddie panning for gold; and one of Tim onstage in the Russian costumes at the Ballarat gig.

If you PM me, I'll see if I can scan it and email it to you.

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