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Reply to "Paul Hester's debut with the Enz?"

hey this is great that everyone is posting stuff about the ballarat show!

By Gryphon:
The Enz played Ballarat a few times
really? if you can remember could you please tell me the dates of the shows and the venues?

I'm really interested.

The Sovereign Hill you frenz in melbourne would have adds for that place on the telly right?

it's not as good as S:G says it me I've been there soooooo many times. It is the dustiest place in town! not reccommended for asthmatics! Smiler

trust me I should know I LIVE in Ballarat!

By John:
Peter - RE the gold panning, yep, there was a story in TV Week with them on that horse-drawn carriage and snaps of them panning for gold at Sovereign Hill. And Tim has the delightfully cheesy quote, "Actually we're panning for platinum," - referring to hopes for Conf. Emotions sales. Barf!
if you have the issue of TV week with the pics of the enz @ sovereign hill or know where to find the pics on the net pleaase tell me that is the funniest thing I have heard in a while and I'd love to see the pics!


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