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Reply to "NZ 'Six Months...' 7" single - Aussie picture sleeve?"

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You're dead right actually..the article's long and drawn out, but essencially is telling the story behind the song ie;seafare,Fauklands War,BBC banning airplay of it,etc.

The title on link 1 reads.."This summers No1 refreshing pop number,a feeling completely New Zealand" Goes on to explain the meaning of the Maori word "Aotearoa", and that NZ is exactly that, The Land Of The Long White Cloud.

Link 2 title reads, "Aotearoa Wind/SPLIT ENZ", and goes on to point out that NZ is in the southern hemisphere,kind of a cross between Hawaii and Switzerland(they said it, not me), a country of dream-like beauty, and from which hails a marvelous rock band.

The 5 points written are.
1. musical connections/influences on SE.
2. NZ related demographic insights.
3. NZ'ers traits.
4. Six Months release data.
5. Hugh Padgham bio.

In essence, a very well thought out write up to help tug the hearts and minds of pontential Japanese buyers.
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