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NZ 'Six Months...' 7" single - Aussie picture sleeve?

Today while digging through several hundred 7" singles to find the good stuff, I found a copy of the NZ 'Six Months...' single complete with picture sleeve.

Now this is the standard pressing with orange-red Polydor label, catalogue number POLY 125.

Anyway, it was in a picture sleeve with the Australian catalogue number (Mushroom K8726).

What I need to know is: should it be in that sleeve? Or should it be in a sleeve with the POLY 125 number? I wonder if perhaps Australian-printed sleeves were imported to NZ like they were with the 'I See Red' 7" single.

Does anyone else have an NZ pressing housed in an Australian sleeve?

Just wanna know if I should leave it or rush back and snap it up! Confused
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