Reply to "NYC -- Le Poisson Rouge"

I'm still reeling (3 hours after the show ended). So amazing!

Highlights for me:
The opening - Neil on piano, blue spotlight, smoke drifting above, entire ensemble at the ready and Neil sings the first few lines of Divebomber in perfect falsetto. Then the strings come in for a crescendo and the entire room takes flight. Stunning!

I had chills for the entire first half of the show. Neil's delivery was spot on and  this particular gathering of string players added some quirky touches to the new songs that I hadn't heard before.

The second half of the show rocked loud and hard with Liam playing some great (sometimes quirky) leads and atmosphere, Elroy providing steady rhythm guitar, Chris playing an impressive range of drums, percussion and found sound (NY ambient ). Great backing vocals by Victoria, Liam and PJ Barnes(? Jimmy's daughter???... Sorry, can't read my low-light scribble and don't know her).

The sound mix (from just in front of the booth) could have been better (strings too far back), and a major feedback issue just before Recluse didn't help anyone's ears.  More of a rock mix (which worked well for the latter half of the show).

Overall wonderful show!

More to come after I sleep.

- Lisa
    All times London, UK.

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