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Reply to "NEWS: Nick Seymour Slams Neil Finn"

A bit more info, Nick on the phone, and pretty much his first comment was on the article.
Time for the facts.
1/ Kia Kaha, yep it was only 5 days before it was printed, so recent. I thought it would be as I knew Nick was doing a few interviews (a WHO magazine one is coming up too).It's a 'regular' positive interview..and not chopped, the person who is penning it apprently loves the Crowdies...
2/ As I suspected it was a fairly large interview originally, over one hour Nick tells me.
3/ Nick never gave them the headline and he thought that set the tone, he also never said
frontman Neil Finn played CRUEL mind games. All of that was from the paper.
The three quotes are correct but shuffled about a bit from questions etc in the interview.
4/ One of Nicks other points, the same one I made is that the small anti article with the 'New Band Tarmac...' plug just made it look cheap.
5/ Nick also called to get Neil's email again (Nicks email address book is in Eire) he just wanted to give NF the full story, and that came from him not me pushing it. So a degree of caring and honesty, it is the Nick I know, and he hasn't became really twisted or bitter (PHEW).

Nick sounds really good, asked me again what I thought of the album and I told him I thought it sucked (he laughed... they always do! My opinion means so much *grin*) we're
catching up in a few days, going through Crowdies home movie footage for the Retro DVD, or at least collecting it.....

anyway that's kind of it, all pretty much feels ok.

Just thought you guys should get some of the facts etc for what it's worth.
take care
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