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Reply to "NEWS: Nick Seymour Slams Neil Finn"

Yeah Wuntie this will shake it up...did you slip Nick that $10 just to do that *grin*.

Hmm I don't know -I like Coldplay and Travis even more.....I can understand why some people think Nick has slammed Neil, the amount of industry calls we had about this pretty much all thought that, I know Neil is too sensible (and as my other half Mark said too classy) to bite at this. ..and he's aware how the press can chop things up and go for an angle... Nick seems to of given them what they wanted.

Sandra ,I think Nui knew what he was doing, he penned the Paul 'why I left Crowded House''s the one with Paul at our typewriter and a blank sheet of paper with the caption super-imposed, that was one of Nui's.
So he's been around CH for awhile etc
Actually I was backstage at most shows, and the split stuff wasn't from that area, that i can remember.... I'm not there all the time but if there were power trips like that, and it seemed like Nick was saying it was a continual thing, I would of heard or spotted it, simply because
I'm sure various members would of been in very bad moods or some discussion would of taken place.....I don't know, it was while back now. Nui's interview was done only a week ago so it isn't old or heresay etc...and Nui does record the quotes would be exact. I get the feeling it would of been a longer interview and The Sun simply took out this bit to beef it up..... I'm sure Nick would of said it (otherwise he'd be suing) but I bet a big chunk of the interview wasn't used...we have to give the old Scrote (Nick)some benefit of the doubt (myself included).

Yep Laver, I agree 100% everyone is different, I just find it very strange that after 5 years of never mentioning this, media, friends and especially to Neil that suddenly it was mentioned again. It's not like this is the first Nick interview since the band split.... that's why I think it's a bit odd. I've probably had some pretty intense talks with Nick over the last few years, (all good), as I said he is a friend, but this Neil stuff has never surfaced, and several times we have talked about CH breaking up...
as a mate it does worry me a bit....

Anyway I've exhausted my comments, from what I gather from NZ it was a shrug and 'silly tosser' so I'm glad that is the case.....

Not much else I can say, but no one stress on this too much....... just one of those 'odd' things.

    All times London, UK.

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