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Reply to "NEWS: Nick Seymour Slams Neil Finn"

Originally posted by gryphon:
[qb] Wuntie
I agree,
I think fans should see Tarmac Adam and maybe have a listen to the CD before you buy it. So far we have had a massive 6 emails regarding the CD, and 5 people hate it to one liking it. (Two if you include Wuntie). Everyone's different, some may love it,.if you are asking me,I think it is so bland, I truly dislike Matt ODonnells voice and the songwriting is horrid. It put's the "S" in HIT.
YIKES! I'll admit that it's not for everybody, my sister gave me the CD for my birthday and said something like "sorry, this is sh*te" whilst it played in the background at my birthday dinner. I'd recommend it to fans of Coldplay or Travis...certainly not music to change the world by any stretch but an enjoyable, optimistic little album (in my very humble opinion)...I probably would not have bought it without hearing it first myself.
Hmmm. I'm still not seeing how Nick's comments are a "slam" but I'd like to be able to read the rest of the interview. Just finished saying yesterday that the board was needing a little controversy...
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